Special Homa

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you all about the powerful fire ceremony HOMA that is going to happen on the occasion of 10th anniversary celebrations of Ekam .

Three powerful homas are going to be performed during this auspicious occasion . You have a great blessing of participating in this homa Online ( in absence ) with your family members and become part of the immense grace and blessings that flows during this ceremony .

Details of the homas
Date : 17 Feb 2019
Time 8 am to 10.30 am IST

• For appeasing the 9 cosmic forces and neutralising the negative planetary influences
• Blessings for wealth , health and success
• For business growth
• Blessings for good education for children
• Blessings for marriage and begetting child

• For longevity

• For receiving divine protection from life threatening diseases
• For Overcoming fear
• For blessings for your spiritual journey

Participate in all these three homas and receive special blessings for you and your family . As you register for these homas your names will be read during the sankalpa of the homa and prayers done for you .

For participating in these 3 homas

Per individual: 300 USD

Per Family : 900 USD ( up to 4 people from the family and for every additional person 300 USD )

(Once you register you will get a confirmation letter and prayer procedure to be followed during the homa . For any enquiries contact info@havans.org )