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July 3rd, 2022 (6.30 am- 8.30 am IST)

Every human being is a field of energy . There is an electro magnetic field that is radiated by our heart, by our brain, by our chakras. They are radiating a field of energy . Your thoughts are a field of energy. Even the bio-chemical reactions happening in your body is a field of energy and your energies are constantly in dance with the solar system. Navagraha Homa is an ancient fire ceremony that checks the negative planetary energies from flowing into your life. In this special fire ceremony, you will be connecting with the Nine Cosmic Energies, and you will be invoking their positive energies and blessings to flow into various aspects of your life, health finances, relationships, work, and career. In this ceremony we receive blessings so that the positive energies from these forces dissolve the negative and failure patterns in your life.