Sri Amma Bhagavan Vaideeswara Temple, Nemam is one of the prime spiritual centers of the Oneness, which focuses on worshiping and receiving the Divine Grace of Sri Amma Bhagavan through poojas. Rituals and poojas are physical expression of inner feelings through which one communicates to the Divine. It is a blessing of several lifetimes for one to be in the Nemam Temple to get to participate in the poojas and rituals which are specifically designed to fulfil the desired boons in personal, professional and spiritual life as well.


DATE : 26 JUNE 2021
TIME : 5:00 AM IST
DATE : 27 JUNE 2021
TIME : 5:00 AM IST

For the alleviation of all problems and to help man realize the four purushartas– Wealth, Desire, Dharma and Salvation.

According to the Shastras, wherever divine

chanting takes place, the divine presence will reside there. All the varied benefits of the home can be reaped by chanting of the sahasranama at the auspicious time. When Param Jyoti is powerfully addressed in 1000 different ways, each name brings out his unique aspect. When He is praised for his power, strength, greatness and grace, being pleased, Param Jyoti will fulfil all desires. All actions will be fruitful and success will be assured.

Sri Param Jyoti Sahasranama Homa – bestows the participants with 21 Benefits that cover every aspect of their material and spiritual life:

  • Love and strengthening family bond/ improved family relationships.
  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Successful trade /business
  • Fulfilment of desires
  • Name and fame and prominence in life
  • To achieve planned objectives without obstacles
  • To be liberated from one’s fears and become courageous
  • Health and longevity
  • Increased concentration and memory power and awaken to latent talents
  • Auspicious life
  • Harmony in marital relationship and to be blessed with children
  • Progeny
  • To be blessed with auspicious samskaras
  • Prayers to align the 9 planetary positions to ones own energies to materialise ones desires
  • To be blessed with sat karma
  • Spiritual growth and transformation
  • Ancestral blessings
  • To appease various gods to receive their blessings
  • Sri Amma Bhagavan divine protection and shield
  • Ishta devata darshan and lokakalyan
  • To be blessed to move into an evolved state of consciousness to contribute to humanity’s liberation
DATE : 26 JUNE 2021
TIME : 5:00 AM IST
DATE : 27 JUNE 2021
TIME : 5:00 AM IST


20th JUNE 2021



Arogya Pooja is being performed on all 7 days in which Sri Amma Bhagavan will bestow special fortune of having good health to all participants. During the Arogya pooja, the holy kalash water which was kept in Sanctum Sanctorum, will be sprinkled on all participants to procure good health.

To lead a healthy life
To get cured of specific illness
To have physical and mental wellness
To obtain strong Immune system



Pooja expenses for the whole day will be borne by the devotees is known as Ubhaya seva. This seva will be done by devotees out of gratitude on their special occasions such as wedding day, Birth day, Graha Pravesam or on attaining any specific achievement such as acquiring land, promotion, accomplishing specific business targets, promotion, best performance in academics, etc. The one full day ubhaya seva will be done in the name of the family members.


AMAVASYA ON JULY 09th 2021, 7.30 AM

Pithru Shanthi Homa will be performed on Amavasya thithiyai at Nemam with the below sankalpas.

To receive blessings from our Ancestors
To liberate our ancestors from the lower lokas to attain Moksha
To remove never ending obstacles to obtain success
To remove obstacle related to ancestors which is hindering Divine Blessings for the family

Do registration 12 hrs before.

Contact number +917667256621
Timings – 9 am to 7 pm