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( Three Powerful Homas to cleanse your negative vasanas and Samskaras and to receive Divine blessings for Health, prosperity , growth and Love in family )

Three sacred Homas performed by Ekam DASAS for you and your Loved Ones

Samskara Shuddhi Homa :

This is a homa which is performed for cleansing all your past life negative Vasanas , ancestral negative samskaras , collective Family Karma and curses that are controlling the events in your life and life of your loved ones
You will be receiving blessings for total cleansing and healing of your mind body and Karmic Body in this homa which will help in ending the various problems you face in your physical and mental health , in ur business and in your family relationships

Mangala Samskarana Homa :

This is a homa which is performed for receiving blessings to awaken positive , empowering and auspicious Samskaras which will take your life towards greater health , success and love and harmony in all your relationships
You will be receiving blessings in this homa for awakening 11 kinds of auspicious Divine samskaras in your consciousness

Pitru Shanti Homa :

This is a homa to receive blessings for Moksha or Liberation of our ancestors . This homa focusses on blessing Moksha 7 generations of your fore fathers To bring peace to all departed souls in your family
This homa also focusses on getting ancestors blessings for your material and spiritual growth .

Important Features of this homa :
The participants will be led through ancient ceremony of homa at the end of which they will be able to give offerings in the sacred fire directly
They will also be give sacred materials and will be guided to perform the pooja
The participants will be gifted with sacred ash from the homa as a blessings