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(Spiritual Name Giving ceremony)

DEC 25th , 2022 6 to 8 pm IST

Namaste all 🙏🏻 We are very Happy to announce about the Special Spiritual Name Giving Ceremony happening at Ekam. In this Ceremony , Special Spiritual name Selected based on your Date of Birth will be Ceremoniously Given to you . When you register for this Ceremony , You need to Provide your name, date and month of Birth in the Link Given below . If you already have a Spiritual Name , Special Sanctification and empowering of your name will be done in this Ceremony . The Gifts that one receive through the Ekam Nama Karanam Ceremony are

1. Removal of Nama Doshas and Nama Karma 1 negative energies and negative karma associated with your Existing or Birth Name
2. Overturning the Negative patterns in your Life
3. Awakening of Powerful Creative Potentials in you
4. New Auspicious Beginning
5. Enhancement of Material and Spiritual Growth

NOTE : For all those of you who have already received spiritual name from Ekam – as you participate in the ceremony this year special prayers for reenergising your name with blessings from Ekam will be done . Please mention your existing spiritual name while registering .